03 March 2017

Grow Like A Flower by Andreea (8)

Last week in the “Family Fun Day” event we meet Andreea, a beautiful Roma child, 8 years old.

She tell us that love to create story and when she will be old she will become a storyteller. Andreea see that we are interested about her dream and she wanted to share a story with us. Is about a flower name Elena.
Elena was alone in one land close to a village. She start to grow in this land in the last 2 months. She was a sad flower. You can see this sadness in her petals.

In one day 5 kids come to play in this land and see the flower. They were very surprised to see how she looks. One of the kids ask her.
- Why you are sad? You are tired?

- No, I am sad because I miss the rain and I need water to grow and to be beautiful and colourful
One of the kids when heard this took from his bag a bottle of water and start to wet the flower. Elena started to grow instantly and to shine.

Her petals become red and she was happy. When the kids see this they promise her that every day they will visit her and bring some water.  Elena wants to be thankful for this great kids and she start to sing for them.
Andreea tell me that this is the story favourite of her little brother. She promise us that next time will come with another story that will make us feel that we are kids again.