23 May 2017

Young Persons Workshop

 We spent a couple of hours with the young Roma people talking about how and why we need Energy around our home and why we need to Recycle .  They all had some really good ideas which they expressed through their drawings .

19 May 2017

Make a monthly energy investment

It's always a great idea to spread the cost of smaller energy improvements across the slightly less expensive summer months.

For example switching out a single traditional light bulb for a good quality LED each month from May to August will cost around £8 a time. A good investment considering that replacing all the halogen lights in an average home can quickly add up to a £35 annual saving (based on figures supplied by the energy savings trust). Not to mention any new LED bulbs you buy now should still be going strong in Summer 2046.

Holy Family Eco School

Last week the project had a great meeting with John Smith from Holy Family School, who is the lead on the eco council. 
The school has recently got involved with becoming an eco school.  They have set up their eco-council committee which is led by the pupils and one of the actions on their plan is to have a garden to grow flowers and vegetables, and that's where the L8LS project comes into it.

We are partnering up with the Liverpool City Council on site development and once completed we will be scheduling in some workshops with the students during the summer.

If you would like to know more about developing an eco school, check out the link below.


18 May 2017

Defeat draughts once and for all

Notice a chilly draught in the dead of winter? Now that the weather has picked up - it's a great idea to get outside and make sure the areas around your windows and doors are completely airtight.
Small air leaks should be easy enough to patch-up with a DIY silicone sealant. Alternatively if you live in a less well insulated draught proofing your window, doors, skirting boards and floor boards could save you around £25 to £35 a year on energy bills.

Do you have nightmares about what you can recycle?

The BBC's Roger Harrabin has produced a video that looks at why much of the packaging we put in the recycling bin ends up in landfills, but a $2m (£1.5m) design competition backed by Prince Charles is aiming to deal with the issue through innovation.  To watch the video click here.