25 October 2016

The Do's and Don'ts of Composting

Don't know what to do with all of those leaves in the garden. How about start your own compost pile, either for you or a neighbour.

Here is a list of do's and don'ts and remember 3parts Brown: 1part Green

20 October 2016

Waste Not Want Not

What a smashing day we had at the Old Library Lodge Lane.

GTDT, L8LS, Veolia, Liverpool City Council, Bulkybobs and Brazilica Carnival Company all came together to give advice, giveaways and taster sessions on recycling and up-cycling.

11 October 2016

Recycling -A New Life Style

On  29 September members of the Roma Community was introduced to recycling. Two families one from Cullen street and another from Longfellow Street each received  a blue bag to collect plastic. For two weeks they will gather plastic from their home. In the end they will be able to understand that for the health of their family the recycling is the best way.

Children (who you see in the photos below) there were very happy to be involved in this and they promise me that after the collection of the plastic they will continue to recycle.  


06 October 2016

Clothes Swap at St Bedes

  Had a great morning with the Community raising awareness of the different types of Recycling beyond what goes in the Blue Box or Blue Bin . The event was received so well we are currently arranging a Christmas Event and hopefully starting up some Jewellery making courses.