21 September 2017

Date for the Diary Recycling/Environmental Week 25-30 September

  Recycling is not just about what we put in our Blue Bin/ Bag each week .......  Lets all try to make a difference .

19 September 2017

Community Clothes Rail - Summer 2017

Over the past couple of months we have been piloting a community clothes rail.

The idea is to find new homes for preloved clothes where they are most needed, to encourage people to recycle and keep all the items free. We have been surprised with the success of these events.

We have piloted our Community Clothes Rail through our family fun days and also a number of specific events with harder to reach communities. None of this would have been possible without a trusted group of volunteers who have been instrumental in accepting donations, sorting and labelling clothing ready for events.

Cullen Street

On Thursday 17 August 2017 we had a busy day at Cullen Street with our Clothes Rail event. We helped over sixteen families that day.

We weighed in over 160 kilos of clothes that we diverted from landfill.

Over the coming months we hope to hold at least two Clothes Rail events in the L1578 area each month.

As the clothes Rail is a big success we hosted one in St Bedes church on Thursday 30th August and again it was a great success this time focus was uniforms and all in all we had over 17 families in

Millennium Green

With the success of the Community Clothes Rail at other locations we decided to trial the pilot in the Dingle during our Loving Millennium Green family fun day on Thursday 31 August 2017.

We assisted 11 families and 5 individuals and we recycled over 14 bags of clothes.

And all the families were asking when we were coming back which was lovely. We enjoyed their company and it was a brilliant end to an eventful summer.

14 September 2017

Save some energy this autumn

It looks like autumn is well on it's way and we will all be tempted to switch on the central heating if this weather continues! But with the costs of heating our homes rising we might need to try and save some money elsewhere. Click here for some energy saving tips that might help around the home.

06 September 2017

Where We Live

 These are some of the words from our Community Event at  Millennium Green  people used to describe how they felt living and working in the area  using the first letters of the expression The Dingle.

05 September 2017

Chapman Gardens 2017

Chapman Garden started life as a street with houses but this was destroyed during World War II. More recently it has been a growing garden, but unfortunately this has become neglected and whilst it was then picked up again by a variety of organisations and many have enjoyed circumstances have prevailed that she has been neglected again.

So over the summer we have been putting together another attempt to make her more sustainable.

Whilst clearing the garden with a group of volunteers we noticed that a lot of the plants were beautiful, natural occurrences. We spotted 4 different types of grasses, 6 species of butterflies and 2 species of bees and we thought what a lovely natural wild flower garden it could be.

We are now researching all the things needed to sustain and nurture the garden over time as well as promoting and protecting our wildlife.