16 February 2018

Grubby Hands

Granby Toxteth Development Trust have recently become involved in a project to spruce up a small green growing space called Grubby Hands and it is making us very excited so we can start sowing some veggies!

The plot lies opposite the old Coleman's building on Northumberland Street and will be familiar to anyone who knows their way around Park Road. The allotment consists of nine raised beds, only a few of which are being tended to by local residents, who are growing onions, strawberries, garlic and edible shrubs.

Sitting on a small hill, the plot sees sun all day long and would be perfect for those who have an interest in gardening but feel daunted by the responsibility of a full plot. We'd love to hear from anyone in the area who would be interested in taking on a bed to explore growing. The soil will soon be warming up so get in touch with Nicola on nicola@gtdt.co.uk or mike@gtdt.co.uk.


12 February 2018

Upper Warwick Street Garden

The green-fingered residents of Upper Warwick Street are excited to get busy on the new raised beds that have been installed on their street.

The strip of land had been derelict for a number of years, with residents complaining of the litter thrown through the gates and the rodents making their home among the unsightly weeds that had taken over. Over the past few months, though, work has been undertaken to level the ground, scatter it with weed-suppressing mulch, and install raised beds so the locals can take part in horticultural activity and generally enjoy the space and make it their own as a community garden.

Over the next month or so we at GTDT are looking to get some soil in the beds as well as plants that are not only beautiful and good for pollinators but for us, too, helping us to pepper up our healthy salads or make rejuvenating, flavoursome tea!

The space gets quite a bit of sun throughout the day, so should be a nice little oasis for residents in the Summer. We can't wait for our invite!

Granby Adult Learning Service

Here at Granby Toxteth Development Trust we've been liaising with Granby Adult Learning Service to help them create a lush growing space in their communal area. Some raised beds have been installed and a poly-tunnel is on the way to help seedlings get a good start to life.

The idea is to establish a calming sensory garden in the space. As the name suggests, sensory gardens work to use plants which produce a calming effect on the five senses to alleviate stress and promote positive emotions. Visitors will be able to see the bright and vibrant colours of the variety of wildflowers on display, touch the different textures of the leaves, smell the lovely herbs in the beds, hear the foliage rustling in the wind and taste the delicious fruit and veg they'll grow in the space.

ALS Site Manager Jay has exciting plans for the garden, including re-appropriating old tires to grow in and using old plastic containers to hold hanging plants. These are inspired ideas and creative ways of keeping these old materials from going straight to landfill!

All going to plan the ALS sensory garden will be the calmest green space in L8 by Summer - watch this space!


11 February 2018

Interim Evaluation Report Published

As the project has entered its final half year, we have published an Interim Evaluation Report.

It shows that the project has over-achieved against all of its outcomes and targets and, thanks to the pioneering 'Reflective Practice' approach to project management, has also achieved a large number of positive but unexpected outcomes.

You can read the report in the Reading Room which you can access by clicking on the tab at the top of this page, or clicking here.

09 February 2018

Health and wellbeing event @ GTDT

What an excellent health and wellbeing event we have had here at GTDT.

Today was the first event we have held with our new partner, Dare to Care, and what a great time we had.

Dare to Care is an health and well-being organisation that was established over 25 years ago by practice manager Carol. Amongst the usual therapies Carol is an highly experienced Auricular Acupuncturist, who's  ethos is "helping the community to heal themselves" and today was the first of our events together.

Jane, the aromatherapist, also came along to do some massage with the attendees.

It was great to see so many people relaxing and it is something we will be doing again in the not so distant future. Watch this space for more details.