06 April 2018

Easter activities at GTDT

We have had an "eggcellent"  time over the last couple of weeks. The weather hasn't been great but we have all enjoyed ourselves and we had plenty of activities to keep us busy.
We decorated cakes and had competitions galore, We did puppet making out of cardboard plates and my favourite we got to meet Alby the Albatross through our storytelling session with Colin who is a local writer.
We also held our first family breakfast at St Bedes which was  great fun and it is something we will be doing again next half term.
If you would like you child to join us for next half term then pop down to the office and fill out a registration form ( 8-12 year olds)
We also have volunteering opportunities for our kids clubs too,  so if you would like to help us organise our activities give us a call on 0151 734 4925 and contact Nicola or Tara.

22 March 2018

Getting Our Head Around Tariffs

We spent our time at our Community Living Room at Riverview Development Trust looking at a subject that got us all scratching our heads.  This month we looked at the subject of tariff rates, discount schemes and its qualifying criteria that operate through the various energy companies. It certainly created quite a heated discussion. We all agreed even though at the end of the session we had a better understanding of the subject we found it a very difficult subject to grasp. We are not defeated and will be arranging to bring in some of our partners to discuss energy tariffs in more detail and hopefully get a better understanding of this difficult subject.

20 March 2018

GTDT Assembles and Army of Recyclers

Our Recycle L1578 and Beyond project was the subject of a press release by Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority.

To encourage waste reduction and recycling, we have held a series of events throughout the area, such as Loving Lodge Lane, Waste Not Want Not, Community Living Rooms, Make Do and Mend workshops and our Clothes Rail events.
A well-attended Clothes Rail event at St Bede's in Greenbank ward
As part of the project we have expanded our work further afield, promoting waste reduction and recycling messages to residents in wards around Lodge Lane, namely Picton, Princes Park, Greenbank, Kensington, Riverside and Wavertree. In doing so the project has amassed a ‘green’ army of environmental volunteers including Recycling Ambassadors and Champions, and Waste Warriors.

Dr Lindsey Guy, Chief Executive of GTDT, said: “We have been delivering recycling and waste management projects for several years around the Granby Toxteth area, and recently more further afield. Funding from MRWA and GTDT’s own Big Lottery funding – L8 Living Sustainably – have enabled us to develop a transferable model which works successfully with many different communities and groups.

“For 2017/2018 we’ve been continuing to work with these – and new – communities as well as working with MRWA to develop our models of good practice within communities to create packages of support which promote good recycling practices and help to change people’s behaviour.”

As well as engaging with thousands of people, the project has also diverted 53 tonnes of materials from going to waste, safeguarded two full-time jobs, hosted 28 clothes giveaways and arranged nine furniture re-use events.

Councillor Graham Morgan, Chairperson of MRWA, said: “GTDT are experts at finding and talking to a variety of different communities in our region, who are not always easy for us to reach. That is why the Fund and projects such as this one are so important. If we are to make a reduction on the amount of waste being created in Merseyside then everybody has to be on board.”

13 March 2018

Holy Family Case study

Yesterday I received a lovely email from Dawn who is the Holy Family schools Family liaison officer.

We have been working together for quite some time, infact we got chatting last summer when I popped down to the school to talk to the head mistress about the school garden, so really it was just by chance that Dawn and I got chatting and it was about the same time that Dawn was starting to run her freebie Fridays. She started the freebie Fridays when she identified families in severe hardship and had found that some children and families are going without warm food of a weekend  and some children do not have any school uniforms.

So that is when GTDT got involved.

We managed to get free school uniforms from a local supplier Fitwell, we offered energy and money matters advice, gave away pre loved clothing, parcelled up toiletry and nappy bags, gave out veg bags and slow cookers, organised craft session for parents so that they are able to make and sell their crafts at half term fairs to raise money for their group and every fortnight someone from the team goes along to the Freebie Friday to see if there is anything else that we can help with.

I have asked Dawn permission to attach the case study, so here you go.

07 March 2018

Soft Skills at Grubby hands

After meeting all of the amazing new growers at Grubby Hands last week Mike and I have decided on some soft skills sessions which will give the new growers confidence in growing.
The session will be comprised of 6 sessions which will run fortnightly and they will include:
  • Planning and preparing your patch
  • Composting and Mulching
  • Common pests and diseases
  • Visit to an established community garden
  • Afternoon tea 
  • Site BBQ
The group will also receive free RHS Open Garden day tickets in summer and will also receive a selection of seeds.

If you know of a group who could also do with our soft skill sessions, please get in touch.
organic vegetable gardening