The overall scheme brings together a number of projects which will test different aspects of sustainability.

To achieve our strategic goals we will deliver an integrated series of activities addressing the dual needs of energy and food resilience for this deprived neighbourhood in the face of climate change.

We will deliver activities which foster the emerging markets for locally generated energy and locally produced food. In doing this we will use both supply-side and demand-side measures to stimulate the markets.

Market for Locally Produced Food
Market for Locally Produced Energy

Creation of Patchwork Urban Farm

Mapping existing activity and potential new green space

Training and Work Opportunities for local people, especially the most disadvantaged
L8 Community Energy to stimulate renewable energy installations and the finance for them, creating a neighbourhood power station
Fostering Green Business Startups
Monitoring and Evaluation
Outreach and mobilising by volunteers and Sustainability Champions
Information and advice at
Climate Change Point
Stimulate Supply Chain Improvements

Prominent Marketing by retail launch partner

Veg Van for physical distribution
L8 Green Deal Provider accelerating take-up of Green Deal energy improvement initiative, initially through RSLs

Financial accessibility assisted by Credit Unions

Promote Tariff Switch to new provider and tariff