12 February 2018

Upper Warwick Street Garden

The green-fingered residents of Upper Warwick Street are excited to get busy on the new raised beds that have been installed on their street.

The strip of land had been derelict for a number of years, with residents complaining of the litter thrown through the gates and the rodents making their home among the unsightly weeds that had taken over. Over the past few months, though, work has been undertaken to level the ground, scatter it with weed-suppressing mulch, and install raised beds so the locals can take part in horticultural activity and generally enjoy the space and make it their own as a community garden.

Over the next month or so we at GTDT are looking to get some soil in the beds as well as plants that are not only beautiful and good for pollinators but for us, too, helping us to pepper up our healthy salads or make rejuvenating, flavoursome tea!

The space gets quite a bit of sun throughout the day, so should be a nice little oasis for residents in the Summer. We can't wait for our invite!