12 February 2018

Granby Adult Learning Service

Here at Granby Toxteth Development Trust we've been liaising with Granby Adult Learning Service to help them create a lush growing space in their communal area. Some raised beds have been installed and a poly-tunnel is on the way to help seedlings get a good start to life.

The idea is to establish a calming sensory garden in the space. As the name suggests, sensory gardens work to use plants which produce a calming effect on the five senses to alleviate stress and promote positive emotions. Visitors will be able to see the bright and vibrant colours of the variety of wildflowers on display, touch the different textures of the leaves, smell the lovely herbs in the beds, hear the foliage rustling in the wind and taste the delicious fruit and veg they'll grow in the space.

ALS Site Manager Jay has exciting plans for the garden, including re-appropriating old tires to grow in and using old plastic containers to hold hanging plants. These are inspired ideas and creative ways of keeping these old materials from going straight to landfill!

All going to plan the ALS sensory garden will be the calmest green space in L8 by Summer - watch this space!