06 May 2015

Visit to the Centre for Alternative Technology

Last week the L8LS Energy Team visited the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in the heart of Wales.

It was inspiring to see a whole host of interesting ideas that are tested and displayed at CAT's site.

Home to the Wales Institute for Sustainable Education (WISE), which boasts a building benefitting from earth walls, solar heat and natural light, CAT was buzzing with inventors, academics, volunteers and students all passionate about using technology to improve the ways we create and use energy.

A particular highlight was the 'Whole Home', an energy efficient
eco-demonstration house. There were displays of different types of cavity wall and roof insulation, plus access to solar panels and wind turbines to power the home's electricity. There was even a slow cooker solely warmed by the sun's heat through the conservatory roof. Feeling inspired, we are already looking at ways we can adapt some of these ideas for use in L8!

With lots of interactive exhibitions (including a wind turbine swing!) CAT is a fantastic place to reconnect with energy technology, a real hub of expertise and innovation in this field.

For more information on CAT, and their Zero Carbon Britain report, visit their website by clicking here.