09 February 2015

This week is Go Green Week!

This week is Go Green Week, an initiative hosted by People and Planet which aims to draw peoples' attention to climate change and opting for greener alternatives!

Rising temperatures and changes in the environment has led to all sorts of natural disasters like floods, tsunamis and tornadoes.   The results have drastically changed peoples lives, and often meant having to uproot and start all over again completely.

And it's not just people hit by these disasters in far-away countries that are at risk - the worse the problem gets, the more likely we all are to end up affected.

People and Planet have suggested a whole host of activities that you can get involved in during the week.

Here at L8 Living Sustainably we are getting involved in a number of activities hosted by Granby Toxteth Development Trust:
  • Tuesday 10 February, 11am - 3pm Waste Not, Want Not Recycling Roadshow
    at the Old Library, Lodge Lane
    Free giveaways, lots of information, ideas to get you recycling and much more!
    The L8LS team are going to be delivering a Community Living Room as part of the event providing some delicious simple homemade soup.
  • Wednesday 11 February, 1pm - 4pm Trash to Treasure workshop
    at the Old Library, Lodge Lane
    Clothes swishing workshop, how to jazz up your old clothes or swap them with others
  • Saturday 14 February, 11am - 3pm Love your heart, Go Green
    at Liverpool 8 Superstore, 129 Lodge Lane
    L8LS are working with our partners, Liverpool 8 Superstore to showcase some cooking skills by way of demonstrations, giving away some free seeds and growing instructions as well as providing some yummy soup!
So why not pop along, get involved and GO GREEN!