08 January 2015

This Saturday is "National Cut Your Energy Costs Day"

A great New Year’s resolution might be to reduce your energy consumption and to save money in the process.  

Cut Your Energy Costs Day is all about using less gas and electicity electricity (and hopefully paying less money as a result).

Here are three top tips to help you save money and fuel in your home:

Don't leave your phone on charge all night
It only needs three hours - and try not to leave the TV and other kit on stand-by.
Dodge the draught
Fit draught-excluders to your front door and letterbox and draw your curtains at dusk to keep the heat in. You could also try making one of our DIY Draught Excluders (click here for the instructions) - let us know how you get on!

Turn your heating down by 1 degree
You'll hardly notice the change
in temperature, but it'll make a
big difference to your heating bill.