10 October 2014

Merseyside Community Renewables Co-operative - Launch Event

The 10 September 2014 saw the launch of a new Liverpool-based energy company: Merseyside Community Renewables Co-operative. 

Ed Gommon, leader of Merseyside Community Renewables Co-operative has attended a couple of events in London that were specifically focused on renewable community energy as research prior to the set up of the Co-operative.  If you are interested in Ed's notes, these can be found in our Reading Room.

As a result of this research, Merseyside Community Renewables Co-operative (MCRC) has been established as a community owned renewable energy cooperative for the “benefit of the community”. MCRC is a social enterprise which is looking to develop, owns and operate it's own renewable energy schemes.

MCRC's aims are to:
  • Develop, co-create and install renewable energy infrastructure, owned and controlled by the community, that will increase the resilience of the community;
  • Create a financially stable, community owned enterprise generating renewable energy that is capable of meeting its commitment to investors;
  • Provide an opportunity for local people to invest in and make financial returns from local projects and thus strengthen the local economy;
  • Promote and facilitate the development and deployment of other locally owned renewable energy projects across Merseyside; and
  • Re-invest any surpluses generated into the cooperative for the development of future projects
The L8LS team are continuing to work with Ed and to support MCRC to further their aims in developing renewable community energy.