09 October 2014

Inaugural meeting of the Community Energy England North West Network

Wednesday 10 September 2014 saw the first meeting of the North West region network of Community Energy England.
Community Energy England is committed to helping the community energy sector to develop rapidly  and grow to such a scale that community energy projects become a normal part of local communities. The organisation is acting as the representative body for the community energy sector. It hopes to provide a forum and voice for experienced community energy suppliers and support new community groups to this sector. It seeks to be inclusive, working with the wider community energy sector including commercial and public sector partners and service providers. For more details check out their website  Community Energy England.

This first meeting of the North West region network provided a fantastic opportunity to hear about some projects in the region which have already had some success.

We will be keeping in touch with the network and attending any future events to continue making those links with others working on energy projects in the region for the purpose of learning from them and potentially pursuing opportunities for partnership working in the future.