02 September 2014

BIG Summer Of Fun - Kids' Activities in L1578

Over the Summer we have been finding fun ways to make local children and their families more
aware of environmental issues.

We have experimented with teaching children how to respect the natural world including trees, plants and flowers. Some fun activities, perhaps based on a country walk or walking round a local park or green space. Trips to the local seaside and natural spaces are always popular and our kids loved trying out pond dipping.

It's a Bug's Life
One of our other activities – It’s a Bug's Life – was to show children the amount of different bugs and insects that they have in their own back yard and how important these insects are to support the local eco-system.

We first took the children to the Sefton Park so that they could collect leaves, straw, grass and dead wood to create the insect habitat.

Once straw, grass and leaves where put into the boxes then the kids went on their own “wildlife watch” where they would identify which bugs they could find in the bug boxes by using printed off illustrations.

These activities have led us to working with a local school to develop an insect garden.

How to create an environmentally-friendly garden patch
There has to be something for everyone to create a friendly garden patch. There have to be some creative and fun activities for the children and it has to be relaxing and informative for the other age groups.

Some of the members of one of our gardens have just finished their bee keeping course and have had two bee hives delivered.

In order to get the children use to the hives we arranged a seed bomb activity called “Bombs Away”. This would benefit both of the groups as the bees needed the wildflowers to forage and the children would learn about different wildflowers and how important they are for the bees.