26 April 2018

Upper Warwick Street Garden

 It hasn't always been this great site as we see it today. Lisa and her family have lived next to this green-space for 27 years after the former house was burnt down by an electrical fire.

 The garden became a dumping ground and it became the home to many rats. Well that was until Cllr Steve Munby,  James and Ade from LCC and ourselves all went on an Environmental ward walk back in September 2017.

Lisa and her husband both spent the time to talk to us on that day about the state of the site and how it was making their lives hell with the rats and rubbish.

The  site has now been cleared, growing boxes have been installed, soil delivered, rats have been evicted and the rubbish has been removed, but sadly Lisa's husband, Alan, sadly passed away before he could see any of these changes.

GTDT and the L8LS project have spent time with the family over the last couple months and because Alan wanted the area to be cleared so that the local community could enjoy, the family and other local residents have decided that they would like the space turned into a memorial garden.

Last Thursday we held our first gardening session with the group, holding these sessions will skill them up the residents
so that they are able to continue to enjoy and maintain this space year after year.