31 August 2017

Summer fun 2017

Today we said "goodbye" to the children before they head back to school with a finale event down at Millennium Green in the Dingle.

The last 6 weeks have been very, very busy here at GTDT:

  • We have run a Breakfast Club every day for kids to come and eat a healthy breakfast

  • We have held 4 Clothes Rails events
  • We have held 3 large community fun days
  • We held 6 weekly sessions of a Children's Growing Group  at the Southern Neighbourhood Council
  • We held 6 Fun and Craft Days on Cullen Street with the Romanian children

  • We worked in partnership with the Police who held a workshop talking to the children about diversity.
  • We have given away 180 hanging baskets
  • We have given away 9 tonnes of clothes and furniture
  • We have given out 60 recycling bags
  • We have given out  350 fruit bags, which is 1500 pieces of fruit
  • We have given away 50 pony rides

  • And we have painted 140 local children's faces.
All of the staff have had a fabulous summer and we have made a lot of people smile which really does make it so worthwhile.

And now its back to work we go.