21 May 2017

Webster Triangle filming

What a busy week we have had and its only Wednesday and now its time to meet up with the Channel 4 film crew down at the Webster Triangle.

The Webster Triangle  is at the centre of the "new home for a pound scheme". This will focus on 150 empty homes being brought back to life by people who have been lucky enough to have been selected for the scheme in the Picton area of Liverpool.

The L8LS team received an email last week from Cllr Steve Munby, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Environment, asking us to come along and have a chat with some of the residents who amongst all of their own renovations are taking the time to think about how to green and beautify the area.

The area that is to be transformed is only a small area but the position of the site will make a huge impact on  anyone driving into the streets and this will soon be the site of a pocket park.

Our discussions with the residents have led to a consultation which will be held at Granby Toxteth Development Trust within the next couple of weeks.

If you too wish to transform a green space in your neighbourhood, why not get in touch with the L8LS team, we are always happy to help.