30 May 2017

Community Living Room "Did You Do It?"

Had a chat today about how 'energy secure' the group felt. Asking the question: had they taken on board any of the tips around energy we had shared with them over the winter?

A large number (80%) of them had turned down their thermostats by at least 1 degree and everyone present had reduced the amount of water they had put in the kettle before they made a cup of tea.

We estimate that turning down the thermostat 1 degree gives an annual saving of 445 kWh (around £80) and using a half-full kettle gives an annual saving of 136 kWh (around £25) - meaning that households had saved over £100!

Well done everybody!

The group were not happy that I had forgotten a word search for them. They all love to do them as they have some food together. Must remember to take them next time otherwise I will not be invited back !!