12 April 2017

Family Fun Day- Roma international Day

In 8th of April was a beautiful day to celebrate the Roma Community.

We make a great work with the Roma people from the area and this day was a good day to be thankful and to celebrate them. In 8th of April 1971 was hold first world Roma Congress held in ‪London and they decided the flag, Roma international day and the anthem “Gelem Gelem”.

Our partners from the Unity Youth & Community Centre provide us with the venue and staff. The venue was very helpful because we have different places where we can make our activities. In that day we have a football tournament and pool tournament. The young people enjoy to play this spots and to learn more about the history and culture of the Roma people through the exposition that we have there.

The children enjoy to make gardening activities and to see the young people how they interact and play with the Non-Roma young people from the area.

We celebrate the day of diversity and integration of the Roma in the community.