20 March 2017

Planting the Plot

Yesterday it felt like the first day of Spring, so Alin and I went off to the allotment to make a start on the projects plot. We planted out some spuds and onions and next week we will return to plant out some more delicious veg.

For those who don't know where our project plot is, it is up on Parkhill Allotments just on Parkhill Road in the Dingle and the 2nd phase of this
growing space is set to start.

This has been the 3rd year we have supported all the local growers on Parkhill by providing the growers with an array of seeds. We have also held a course for the new growers to show them how to pickle and preserve their harvest, we've held community events on the hard space to invite local residents to come along and have some fun, we've held cook and taste sessions for the local resident to try some new and interesting veg dishes and this year we hope to do it all again.