15 December 2016

Engagement & useful advices

 In Granby we receive a lot of people from the Roma communities that need some advices because of the language barriers, about how they can search some jobs or with different problems that they don't know how to find a solution without some advices.

One of this are the family Schian that have 6 children. Florin (the husband) start a job to a warehouse
from July this year and the wife takes care of the children's from home.

They come to us to see what kind of activities we have and how they can be involve in the community. We discuss about different projects that we have in the area in principal about Cullen-Green Garden. After the discussion and when we see that this family have some needs we try to help them.  We find that the husband is entailed to receive Tax Credit. The process to apply lasted two months.

Today Florin receive the great news that was accepted. They are very happy and they thanks us for all the support.