24 November 2016

Sharing Experiences with Wales

Big Lottery in Wales has recently launched a programme which is similar to the English 'Communities Living Sustainably' and L8LS was asked to speak at the latest event for applicants to the programme.

Welsh applicants to the 'Create Your Space' programme gathered near Newtown to discuss and refine their project ideas, whilst getting some tips for success. They will soon be submitting their final proposals to Big Lottery and the best candidates will be awarded a share of the £8.8 million budget to deliver their 7 year projects.

What L8LS might look like in Wales
Lindsey and Chris spoke for half an hour or so about the L8LS project and, in particular, the early stages of the project and the lessons learned:
  • Development of the project partnership
  • Community engagment
  • What's worked, what hasn't
It was a fascinating day, listening to excited applicants' project ideas. We were both transported back to the early months of 2012 when our own L8 Living Sustainably was just a project idea. Who would have imagined the huge progress we would have made in just three and a half years!