06 October 2016

Start To Know Your Community

Tuesday in our event organised in St Bede’s I met a young woman from Longfellow Street. She was excited when she came and saw that we had prepared some recycle activities for the community. In the meantime she was a little stressed (I suppose why and you will read later in the interview).
Me: What is your name?
Andreea: My name is Andreea and I have 25 years.
Me: How long have you lived in Liverpool?
Andreea: One year.
Me: You work?
Andreea: No, I am a housewife and I take care for my children, because I have 5 children and they need me all the time.
Me: And now, where they are?
Andreea: My husband is home with them, I need to be back until 12, because he will go to work.
Me: How you feel with us and with this activity?
Andreea: I am pleased that someone thinking to organise something for us, today I discover that I love to create earrings. My girls will be happy when they see what beautiful present they will receive. I also lived in Spain and there were some activities same like today organised by the “Red Cross”, unfortunately in Romania I don’t see something like this because some organisations from my country don’t want to be involve in the traditionally communities only they work with the Roma who are more integrated (she started to laugh) they believe that we don’t understand their work or we are stupid. But see now we are not so stupid and we want and try to integrate and to know more about the community.
Me: What you learn today?
Andreea: I learn to relax, a little because all the time in my mind is that I need to be at home to care of my children and my husband to go to work….But in principal also I learn that I can have some creativity in something and to interact with other people from the area.
Me: You want to tell me a last word?
Andreea: Yes! I want to thanks you and the others who organise this event, that you think about us. Was a pleasure to come and to know more good my community between different activities.

Me.: Thanks also for the interview and the presence.