10 June 2016

The long road to Coltart

It has been a long road to progress our initial Cultivating Coltart ideas, but we are finally seeing our 'eat the street' plans beginning to grow.

It was during a couple of Cultivating Coltart community engagements events that we started to engage with the residents of Tagus Close about our ideas and proposals to get residents to start growing food in their front gardens and to get them to to participate in this unique community growing project.  As part of the engagement of residents, we also discussed a range of edible plants that they would enjoy growing, but also eating.

With help from "Dan the Man" and "Ivan the Russian" to build a range of recycled raised planters, made from reclaimed pallets! We have now arrived at the planting stage.  The guys have done an amazing job building raised planters for each of the residents of Tagus Close using the wood from recycled pallets and each planter has it's own unique character.

So on a beautiful morning on Wednesday 8 June, our partners Liverpool City Council and Glendales arrived with some top soil and the rush was to on to start filling the planters.  So with a little bit of sweat and encouragement from residents, we now have 4 planters in place and ready for their plants.

Seeing is believing and now that the first planters are in and planted up, has boosted the residents enthusiasm and belief in the project.

We are now excited to get the rest of the planters in place and planted so that we can really see if we can Cultivate Coltart and eat the street!