16 May 2016

It's National Vegetarian Week!

There can be few better places to spend National Vegetarian Week than here in Liverpool. Now in its 24th year, this celebration of all things veggie is a great time to talk about food, traditions and those special dishes.

Lynne Elliot, chief executive at the Vegetarian Society says: “Food has a special place on everyone’s table because it can evoke great memories of places, people and events.”

Admittedly, the city didn’t have masses of great veggie or vegan places a few years ago. But thanks to some old favourites - such as the Egg Cafe - as well as newbies Give Kitchen and White Wolf, there are now some great all veggie offerings. Similarly, the city’s new independent food quarters in Bold Street and Castle Street are offering some great meat free choices.

Thankfully the days where the only vegetarian options were either goats cheese or risotto seem to be coming to an end. Even over the water, where some of the restaurants seemed to be slower to catch on to the delights of vegetarian dining, we’re now getting soem great non meat choices.

To read the full Liverpool Echo article and to see their 17 reasons why it's brilliant to be a vegetarin in Liverpool click here.