17 March 2016

Rose Court Community Living Room

Eat Together, Heat Together

Nick from Citizens Advice, Gary, our community chef and myself met with a very lively and welcoming group from our older community at Rose Court. Nick was there to advise the group about whether they were on the most economic energy tariff, how much money they could possibly save and how they could change their supplier. Nick also made time to speak to particular people who had individual issues. I was there to give the group a few energy tips, look at some myth busters and learn from the group of some of the things they do to save money. To round off a very interactive meeting, Gary provided some delicious soup and everyone went away with a fleecy blanket and a thermal mug. We were made very welcome and they asked us to stay for a game of Bingo.... which we declined reluctantly.

All the ladies were too shy to have their picture taken instead they gave me a few quotes of what they thought of the event :

Interesting, helpful wasn't aware of the Home Discount Scheme ...... Audrey, L15

Great Soup, going to check me electric bill when I get home ...... Anne, L7

Julie Denham who arranges the get together at the centre is more than happy for me to go back when it gets a bit warmer to look at a growing project with the ladies in conjunction with Riverside .... I will look forward to that.