14 March 2016

Our visit to the Gilmoss Recycling Centre

With one of our colleagues from Liverpool Mutual Homes, some of the GTDT team visited the Recycling Plant for Merseyside based in Gilmoss managed by Veolia. Kirsty Martin, an Engagement Officer, was our host for the afternoon.

The afternoon was really informative, which included having a look at where all the hard work sorting out occurs. We were advised by Kirsty, they have the capacity to work 24 hours as our recycling outputs in Liverpool increases. We all came away with determination to look at recycling at home and to certainly pass on our knowledge,  help and advice to the L8 community to help increase recycling in our area.

If any community groups are interested in visiting the centre themselves please call me direct on 0151 734 4925 to arrange.