01 March 2016

Energy Edna

During the Energy Task Group meetings, a long standing member of the community Edna joined the group. Full of ideas and tips we thought we should share them with you. This is the the first .... enjoy.

Hi All

I'm Energy Edna. I am here to let you know about changing your habits in regard to saving money.

Did you know if you switch all your plugs off at night and not leave on standby you could save at least £26 each year for each of your standby plugs.

Get into the habit of switching off appliances at night this includes your microwaves, kettle, television, radio, chargers and heating.

If you feel cold in bed, use an extra duvet or blanket, please do not put your health at risk.

I am a 76 year old pensioner and I pay £46 pounds a month for gas and electricity and I do have the heating on at certain times during the day.

Please get in to the habit of turning everything off at night. It is also a safety aspect as well.

Thank you. I hope you have enjoyed reading this,  I will be returning shortly with a few more energy tips . Bye for now.