25 February 2016

Wheel Meet Again

Community Living Room Events

Friday 12 February and Thursday 18 February

We were kindly invited to join the Arts & Crafts and Pamper Group at Wheel Meet Again based in Mill Street to talk to the groups re: energy efficiency and share some lunch with them with our community chef Garry Denham.

The groups were very engaging and more than happy to share their experiences concerns re: how confusing tariffs can be and the ways themselves had kept warm at home e.g. putting a heavy curtain over a particular draughty door. To help the groups with often the complications of finding your way around electric and gas bills we had Nick Mclaughlin from South City CAB on hand who was excellent at explaining queries in an easy way.

After all their hard work and joining in we had a parcel of energy giveaways for the group which included hat, scarves, gloves and draught excluders. What was lovely, was they asked when we would be back. Hopefully we will return at Easter to do some spring activities.