09 February 2016

Recycling at Kensington Fields Community Centre

Recycling Champions

In partnership with Liverpool City Council and Bulky Bobs, Granby Toxteth Development Trust spent the day at Kensington Community Centre on Tuesday 2 February speaking and completing surveys with members of the community about their waste management issues and encouraging individuals to work alongside ourselves in helping to improve recycling in the area.

A number of people were interested in finding out more about what this involves and we have agreed to meet again shortly to discuss how we can work together, will keep you posted on developments. 

Besides the information there was plenty of giveaways to help improve individual households recycling. This included bags, boxes and internal recycling bins along with plenty of information leaflets of what and how to recycle. As always, Bulky Bobs had brought along a number of excellent and varied recycled furniture items which ranged from mirrors to three piece suites that people could take away.

Everyone certainly went home with a lot more information and in some cases an addition to their living room . Their trip home was also made a lot easier on a very cold and windy afternoon with a warm bowl of home made soup that was on offer throughout the event.