08 February 2016

Energy Task Group Workshop One with Lara From Decarbonet

Thursday 28 January saw the L8LS Energy Task Group have a very lively and informative workshop with Lara who had travelled all the way from Milton Keynes to deliver the first of three workshops for the group to get a better understanding of energy consumption in the home and how we can reduce consumption.

The two main talking points were how complicated the energy companies make it for the customer to try understand the tariff system they operate. More alarming was more than of half the group find it difficult to use the timer on the boiler they have at home which has an impact on how/when they heat their property.

We spent the rest of the workshop looking at a Community Tree re: Energy to examine as individuals and working in a community environment what are peoples priorities. We all agreed by voting on a number of options that our main priorities are Education, People, Equality, Health/ Safety, Environment. These themes are going to be developed in the next workshop .

Next workshop - 11 Feb Looking at energy - hungry spots within our home

Third workshop - 29 Feb Discussing tips/ideas that we can pass on to the Community

Decarbonet is a European project focusing on raising awareness of climate change.