01 December 2015

Community Living Room - Czech Slovak Way

Community Living Room St Bridget's 30 November.

Had a wonderful uplifting morning with the group that come together on a Monday to learn English.

Everyone came along with a traditional dish.

Bejza brought his keyboard so we could all listen to some traditional songs.

Gary, the chef, followed a recipe from Ivana, the tutor, to make goulash which he got a round of applause for as it was so delicious and true to the original dish prepared in Czechoslovakia.

I gave a short chat re: energy efficiency and gave ideas on how they can make their homes warmer.

The group were delighted and appreciative of the thermal mugs, fleecy blankets and draught excluder's.

We closed the event with Vincent from the group showing my colleague Nicky a traditional Slovak dance. They too got a round of applause .

We all wished each other a very happy and peaceful Christmas.