13 November 2015

L8LS Energy Task Group meets Local Solutions

Tuesday the 10 November,  saw for the second time the L8LS Energy task group sit down together.

The numbers in the group have swelled from three to seven as the word has spread.

It certainly was a light bulb moment for the group when we were advised by our partners from Local Solutions that having your plug on standby costs your household per plug £19.00 a year.  I was told the next day that all the group went home and switched off at least three plugs in their home just from that piece of advice from Local Solutions.

It was a relaxed, informative and very beneficial get together for all the group with Local Solutions giving practical, professional and relevant advice. They also gave the offer to the task group of individual members having specific 1-2-1's of which since the meeting a number have taken  up the offer.

We are still looking for more households to join the group to establish a representation of a number of different households across L8.