16 November 2015

ESOL at St. Bridget's

Today, Julie and I went to visit Ivana, our ESOL tutor and her group of learners at St. Bridget's on Lawrence Road to have a chat about growing your own food.

All of the students really enjoyed telling us what they have grown at home and what they would like to grow next year. Vincent told me he has tried many things but told me he only had a small area of land to work on and would love a bigger patch. We then chatted about other ways to grow and I took some books along to show them other ways to grow.

Garry, our project cook also came along with some fresh home-made potato and leek soup and told everyone how they could do this at home.

Next week, Julie and I will be going along again to give everyone some energy advice and we have also asked the students to send us a traditional recipe so that Garry will bring along their traditional dish.