23 January 2015


Lettuce, rocket and other crunchy leaves are one of the easiest things that you can grow. You can grow salad leaves all year around indoors on your windowsill and once you have picked the leaves they will carry on growing so you can have a constant supply of lovely crunchy leaves you can enjoy.

All you need is a seed tray, salad seeds, compost and a good spot on your windowsill.

Here is how to "Get Growing"
  • Fill a seed tray with compost
  • Toss and spread a quarter of a teaspoon of your chosen salad seeds
  • Cover with another sprinkling of compost and water carefully.
  • Place seed tray on the windowsill and stretch a cover of cling film over the top of the tray. Remove once seedling start to appear.
  • Once the plants are 3in tall you can cut them back and start to enjoy.
For more information about the different types of salads you can grow check out British Leafy Salads leaf guide.