02 October 2014

New Plans for Chapman Gardens

Exciting things are being planned for Chapman Gardens in the Dingle.

Garry, one of our Green Community Caretakers has come up with some engaging and fun ideas for Chapman Gardens and how we could turn this community garden into a demonstration/learning garden for local residents.

There are plans to make the entrance to the garden more welcoming to families and local residents.

This will include painting the fences and also getting the local kids to design and paint a mural for the wall to brighten it up.
Garry's plans also include using plastic bottles to be used as herb planters, having a section for wild flowers, seating areas for people can sit and chat and lots, lots, more.

There will also be an information board to let people know what’s happening in the garden, in the wider area and general gardening tips and information.
Chapman Gardens already has a number of raised beds so in Spring 2015 we will be trying out some companion gardening which partners plants with different edible herbs and flowers that are natural pests controllers and disease resistant.

We also hope to design and implement a self-watering system so in the future the garden will be water self-efficient.

If you are interested in getting involved in this or any of our other community gardens, click here to Contact Us or ring Vi on 0151 734 4925.