18 June 2014

Loving Lodge Lane & Recyle Week

As part of Loving Lodge Lane 2014 and Recycle Week, L8 Living Sustainably got involved in a wide range of community activities up and down Lodge Lane. There were healthy eating demonstrations, a community fun day, design a wheelie bin competition and lots of activities around recycling.

Loving Lodge Lane, is now in its fourth year and helps promote all that is good in the area and helps to bring our community closer together. There is a distinct environmental and regeneration theme to Loving Lodge Lane and it aims to make the area cleaner and greener.

“This is an area which is up and coming and has a lot to be proud about,” said local Councillor Laura Robertson-Collins, Chair of the Neighbourhood Select Committee. “Loving Lodge Lane has been growing each year and this year’s event really does have something for everyone.

“We want to celebrate our area and community and this festival is a great way of doing that –it’s going to be a lot of fun but it is also going to help clean up the area and make it greener.”

Loving Lodge Lane covers the Princes Park, Greenbank and Picton wards and it is estimated that over 300 local residents took part over the 3 day event.