20 November 2013

Cullen Green Dig, Design & Dine

L8 Living Sustainably were asked by Liverpool City Council to engage the local community around Cullen Green in some gardening activity.

The Cullen Green patch is situated at the top end of Smithdown Road, L8. The Green is located in between the local Post Office and a local restaurant called Raggas.

As part of the community engagement, we organised a Dig, design and Dine day and invited the local residents to come and have their say of the design of the garden, as well as doing a spot of digging and planting and afterwards we treated them all to some lunch at Raggas.

And what a great bunch of people turned up.

Raggas staff also got involved and we are discussing ways in which they can get involved in growing on the Green, so a number of their ingredients that they use in the food they cook can be grown here. This is the first "Seed To Platecase that we have had so far and we are hoping that there will be many more local businesses in the area who will also take advantage of this patch.

Thanks again to Raggas for an amazing lunch and a  " Big Thank You" to all of the volunteers that turned up.