04 April 2014

Community Bee-Keepers Project

Why not get involved  with our "Community Bee Project" and become a local Bee-Keeper.

We are offering FREE places on this Lantra Level 1 Bee-Keeping course which is a highly recognised with the British Bee Keepers Association (BBKA).

Honey bees are in decline and yet virtually all of our non-grain foods are dependent on honey bee pollination to a large degree. Worldwide, there are 90 different food plants that depend almost exclusively on the honey bee. In the USA, honey bees are considered critical pollinators of many fruits, nuts and vegetables. Everyone's diet will be changed dramatically if we lose our honey bees.

This project goes some way to helping to halt the decline of the honey bee on Merseyside.

To sign up for this course and reserve your place contact L8LS on 0151 734 4925 or email nicola@gtdt.co.uk.