31 March 2014

Home Composter Sale

Home Composter Sale - for just £5 (waged) /£2 (unwaged)
Sunday 6th April 2014 11.00am–12.30pm
Fern Grove Community Garden Fern Grove, L8 0RZ

Your Labour Council is working to reduce the amount of waste produced and encourage more recycling and home composting. This is one of our local priorities, and we will once again be selling compost bins at subsidised rates on Sunday 6th April in the Fern Grove Community Garden, L8.

These are great value at just £5 (if you are waged) or £2 if you are unwaged.

Currently 28% of waste in Merseyside is food waste – and much of this is home compostable. Home composters can be used to turn both some food waste (vegetable peelings, used teabags, etc) and garden waste into compost for your pots or beds to grow vegetables, fruit or flowers. The smallest yard can be a space to grow pots of tomatoes, herbs or salad leaves.

At all our previous advertised events these bins have completely sold out (Greenbank School in April last year, Fern Grove Garden last June, and Penny Lane Development Trust in November) so if you would like to reserve a compost bin to collect on 6th April please email or text us.

This is also a great opportunity to visit one of our newly created Community Gardens in the ward, and see the transformation of a once disused space into a flowering and productive site for local food growing and community activity. Come and visit even if you don’t want a bin!

Please note, there is pedestrian access to Fern Grove from Hartington Road, by St Bede’s Church, but vehicular access is from Lodge Lane. Compost bins are light in weight, but obviously quite large to transport…

We do hope to see you on 6th April

With best wishes, Laura, Cllr Laura Robertson-Collins (tel: 07980 311545) and James, Cllr James Roberts (tel: 07734 427219), Labour Councillors for Greenbank Ward

laura.robertson-collins@liverpool.gov.uk or james.roberts2@liverpool.gov.uk