07 February 2014

Toxteth Reservoir

Today we took a visit to the Toxteth Reservoir on High Park Street and our guide, Roger O'Hara, Director of Dingle 2000 Development Trust, showed us around the 150 year old building. And how amazing it was!

The reservoir has had lots of restoration work over the years and Roger's ideas for the site includes opening it up for the community as a concert hall, a restaurant or café but the reason why we were there today was to look at the roof to see whether we could possibly grow on this historic site.

Whilst on the roof we took soil samples so that we can get a better idea of what could be grown as this depends on type of soil and PH balance.

This process can take some time but once we get the results we will let you know.

In the meantime why not have a read about the local reservoir and the history of the site. click here to read more about the Reservoir and it's history.